About Us

Kenneth Martin, Architect, Developer and Property Mentor, offers a coaching and mentoring service to his clients.

He demonstrates how they can maximise their potential in the development world and how to be outstanding when it comes to property developing. Kenneth’s skills and experience allows his clients to adapt quickly to the requirements of becoming a developer. Applied correctly this is a fast track their way into the developer ladder.

Many people believe they can invest in property themselves, however property development is certainly different from investing. Executed correctly, property development can release huge financial wealth and of course the opposite is also true. Property development done poorly can result in massive losses.

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Take a positive step in your property developing career… join us on one of our training courses and find out how you can make property work for you!

Just some of the areas that we can help you with…

  • Setting your development strategy
  • Sourcing the right development for you
  • Assessing the costs and PROFITS of the development
  • How to secure a deal with little or no money
  • How to grow your development power team
  • Sourcing development finance
  • Negotiating the Planning and Building Control system
  • Appointing the right contractor for the job!
  • Delivering the development project profitably
  • Making sure you walk away with the £££ in your pocket