Make your property development work for you today!

Kenneth Martin, Architect, Developer and Property Mentor, offers a coaching and mentoring service to his clients. He demonstrates how they can maximise their potential in the development world and how to be outstanding when it comes to property developing.

Learn how to:

  • Setting your development strategy
  • Sourcing the right development for you
  • Assessing the costs and PROFITS of the development
  • How to secure a deal with little or no money
  • How to grow your development power team
  • Sourcing development finance
  • Negotiating the Planning and Building Control system
  • Appointing the right contractor for the job!
  • Delivering the development project profitably
  • Making sure you walk away with the £££ in your pocket

  • Gordon Bain
    Absolutely privileged to be a part of your first course Kenneth and looking forward to getting more help and advice to push my development across the line. Great format and excellent content. Loved it!
    Gordon Bain
  • Margaret Donnelly
    Thank you Kenneth Martin . I certainly found it of great value in terms of putting all the pieces of the development jigsaw together in the right manner as well as delivering lots of new content. I feel this will help me move forward in my projects in a more successful manner. Additional value was the small group who attended which allowed us to share everyone’s knowledge and skills in a controlled and friendly manner, again delivering lots of useful learnings.
    Margaret Donnelly
  • Craig Sibbald
    It was a fantastic weekend Kenneth Martin rich in relevant content and action points. Moreover, it was refreshing to learn from somebody with 15 years development experience. A wet behind the ears pretender you are not.
    Craig Sibbald
  • Noemaan Butt
    A big 10/10 for content, structure, delivery and indeed hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have gained a significant amount of knowledge. The chronological order of steps from identifying land through to developing and sale was extremely helpful. Particularly enjoyed meeting everyone and indeed having the laughs. Definitely not a boring subject! Here's wishing you all the best with this Kenneth Martin. For all potential delegates, I would highly recommend this no nonsense training.
    Noemaan Butt
  • Lesley Fleming
    Delighted to help 'road test' the course. Very informative. Lots of great content. Being able to spend time discussing a project with you and benefit from your wealth of experience a massive plus point.
    Lesley Fleming

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